About Us

I founded Modern Parlance to help clients meet the communications challenges in a fast-paced, multi-media world and have, since then, partnered with clients from a wide range of industries – financial services, consumer goods, telecommunications, arts & entertainment and education. I serve in a variety of content and marketing roles depending on client needs and requirements, tackling everything from responsibility for daily site maintenance to content assessment and strategy, social media and community management to site transition. Most of the projects these days are digital and involve everything from:

  • working with international non-profits on digital transformations of their websites, marketing and fundraising efforts.
  • managing content audits for global retailers whose websites had grown rather out of control.
  • editing industry posts and e-books for leading content agencies.
  • developing information architecture and multi-channel content plans for everything from major international sporting events to start-up telecoms.
  • mapping out content and online marketing plans for upscale home decor retailer and developed an e-publishing program for a boutique literary agency.
  • guidng an in-depth restructuring of the hospitality industry portal from a big four consulting firm, managed on-line community for a major IT equipment manufacturer.

In that same decade, Modern Parlance has evolved into not only a content consultancy but a content provider as well. Modern Parlance Press produces eBooks across a wide range of topics and genres, runs several topical blogs and encompasses Modern Parlance Photography as well. In fact, if you want to know more about the content I produce myself, the blogs are a good place to start.

  • Fabulous Foodie is where I indulge my love of and interest in food and all things culinary. It came in very handy when I was supervising a content audit for a major FMCG food retailer
  • Greater Gotham Goes Global was the direct result of a passion for blogging coming together with living in one of the greatest cities on earth. It took a much broader brief when I moved overseas. 
  • The Banburian: Exploring Banbury and the surrounding areas. No matter what you think you know about Banbury, there’s always something the surprise you.
  • Personal Parlance: I spend a lot of time with the written word – editing it, writing it, reading it, talking about it. At Personal Parlance, that comes together with a wide-ranging interest in all things publishing, books, communication, indexing, writing, education – and anything else that catches my eye. It is also where I keep my personal work history and content portfolio, in case that kind of thing interests you.