Characters of Shakespeare’s Plays by Hazlitt

hazlitt_2016Part of Modern Parlance’s effort to shine a light on outstanding but often forgotten writing and criticism of the past.

The book includes not only the original 1817 text but is also illustrated with a selection of paintings, engravings and sketches of Shakespearean characters from the mid-18th to early 20th century. Additional notes on specific images used are intended not only for clarification but we hope will serve as a helpful and interesting guide to the treasure trove of imagery we have of these remarkable characters that Hazlitt examines in such detail.

William Hazlitt (1778 – 1830) was an English essayist, artist, literary critic, and journalist. His work is often put on a par with that of Samuel Johnson and Charles Lamb. Indeed he was very much part of the “literary scene” that included Lambs (Samuel and Mary), Coleridge, Wordsworth and Keats. Though well-known in his time, his work fell out of favor and was subsequently forgotten or overlooked in favor of more high-profile writers.

While sporadically available in academic editions and now in electronic form, his works haven’t been widely known to the general public in many years.

Characters of Shakespeare’s Plays
by William Hazlitt
Pub Date: Feb 2013

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