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Previous Projects


Some of my previous projects are listed below. Further details on these and other projects available upon request. For a detailed work history, download my current CV (in pdf format).


Content Audit Manager


Managed an extensive content audit for the food & cooking website of a major FMCG retailer. In this position, I managed content audit process and 6-person, multi-locational team of junior content managers and nutritionists. I also served as communication bridge between the audit team and the various agency teams involved with the site: account management, editorial and technical. 


The project scope included but was not limited to:

  • Amendment of nutritional information for over 6000 recipes

  • Expansion & implementation of in-house editorial style

  • Adherence to client's in-house safety and health guidelines

  • Review and update of recipe tagging changes

  • Creation and implementation of documentation and processes for site

Digital Communications Consultant


Worked with international educational non-profit on Web site redesign and digital transformation of marketing and fundraising efforts.

  • Worked with internal teams to re-prioritize Web site usage and functionalities

  • Assisted with vendor management and formulation of RFPs

  • Developed strategic content plans and digital marketing strategies for expanding on-line fundraising efforts via web

  • Advised on social media management and integrating the above with traditional fund-raising efforts.

Content and User Experience Consultant:  Developed information architecture and multi-channel content plans for major international sporting event website.


Content Marketing Consultant:  Assisted upscale home decor retailer in San Francisco, assessing and developing plans for site content as well as online marketing efforts.


Digital Manager


While working at award winning marketing agencies, I was responsible for timely delivery of design, content, and technical assignments for a range projects, such as:

  • Development of a series of extranets serving corporate and institutional clients of a leading mortgage lender. Sites involved extensive on-line maintenance, development of dynamic database driven content, high-level personalization and security. 

  • Redesign of new Web site for a major environmental not-for-profit seeking to raise awareness and attract a more diverse audience. This included creation of Web-based content management tools to allow staff to maintain site as well as extensive online content archive, customize news feeds, and manage membership with greater ease.

  • Guiding in-depth restructuring of a hospitality industry portal and newsletter from a big four consulting firm to better reflect the global nature of the site's audience and make updating and maintenance more efficient.

  • Managing password-protected on-line community designed to facilitate communication between major IT equipment manufacturer and its most significant customers worldwide. Solicited licensed content, managed site updates, incentive programs, live events, and membership lists.


I've written on lifestyle topics such as food, travel, property and consumer advice as well as career development, digital marketing and personal finance.


Travel and Tourism:


"We think... we could learn a thing or two from American tourists" - April 2015 installment of 'We think' series in The Club, a monthly digital magazine for British Airways' Executive Club members.


Gotham Girl series appeared on, the commentary site of Boris Johnson, current mayor of London and  supported a cross-promotional partnership between NYC's then Mayor Bloomberg and Mayor Johnson. Pieces include: 

Greater Gotham: Going Global: Tales of a New Yorker turned loose in the UK and Beyond. (2005-present) I manage, design and write for the blog as well as edit the pieces of contributing authors. Sample posts:

Food and Cooking:


Fabulous Foodie:Where Food and Food Culture a la Carte. (2006-present). I manage, design and write for the blog as well as edit the pieces of contributing authors. Sample posts:

My cooking tips and tricks have also been featured in blog posts featured on Tesco Living and Tesco Real Food, including recently: Four pie shortcuts for British Pie Week.


Consumer Advice: written for, a website for buyers who want the most for their money.

Property and Homes: Guest poster at award winning property blog, Trying to Balance the Madness: Modern Seattle Style: Sustainability, Style and OMG the Views!


Career Development and Jobs:  Written for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Professional Practice Curriculum. Provides background and job prospect information on leading industries and is designed to assist engineers new to the field or established engineers looking for new challenges. Topics include:

I'd be delighted to give you more information about our services, discuss your current projects or projects coming up in the future.  As a rule, email is the quickest way to get a hold of us but you can also call, find me on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter.