The New York Magician by JB Zimmerman

JBZ_CoverFrom the reviews:

“… an incredible book, wildly charismatic and likable, with great glorious tons of action, excitement, mystery, humor, everything you want from great fantasy. It’s completely steeped in the feel of New York City. This is perfect urban fantasy — you couldn’t separate the fantasy from the urban setting if you tried.”

“… a great mix of action, noir, and the supernatural that will have you smiling to yourself every time you catch one of the many references to mythology, magic, and both contemporary and historical New York City.”
“… the wit of a detective novel, the firepower of a good action movie, and a hell of a lovingly detailed city for the plot, protagonist, and characters. What’s not to love?”

Michel Wibert knows New York City better than most. He knows about the magic that crackles above the rooftops and beneath the streets. He knows about the creatures and beings – considered mythical to most and gods to some – playing their long and complicated game across the city.

Until recently, he’s kept to the sidelines – watching their moves, keeping their secrets. But now things have shifted and it’s not clear whether he’s player or pawn. If he wants to survive, he’ll need to decide which is his true role.

The New York Magician
by JB Zimmerman
Pub Date: May 2013

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